the foundation 

The Self-Reset Model

This lesson is the foundation of how you’ll be encouraged to manage your mindset throughout this entire program.  In this module, we will review the fundamentals of THE SELF-RESET MODEL. You’re encouraged to work through this module BEFORE moving onto any other lessons in the program.

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An Introduction to the Model

In this initial video, you’ll get an overview of the Self-Reset Model. You’ll learn where it comes from (I didn’t invent it), and get a quick framework of what’s included and what you can use it for.

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lesson #2

Understanding the Model

This is a detailed overview of how the model works. 

We’ll review how you can practice identifying intentional and unintentional versions of the model to get the results you want.  Every time.

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lesson #3

The Model in Action

It’s time to see the model in action.  I’ll go over two common examples of challenges we face and show how using the model can help you change your perspective and focus on driving different results.

I encourage you to share your models in the Facebook group, identify where you might be getting stuck, and sign up for classes so we can work through your model together.

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Bonus #1


Do you remember buffering?  That painful process of an endlessly spinning wheel while we waited for our content to load? What a waste of time!

Well this is kinda like that.  Except it’s about the things we do to avoid feeling what’s really going on in our life.  Things like over-eating,  over-working, over-drinking, over-Netflixing… Candy Crushing… etc.

In this video, we’ll introduce the concept of buffering and the signs that it may be showing up in your life.