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Leading At Your Best

Everyone has an opinion of what it means to be a good leader. Me included. But the only opinion that matters is yours.

This Leadership module is designed to help you define your personal leadership style.  These lessons will give you insight and perspective on what a strong leadership mindset looks like across four main leadership categories.

Your job is to use these principles as a springboard to define your own aspirational leadership style, and then practice bringing it to life one day at a time.

Remember to download the workbook which will take you through all the exercises in just 15 min/day!

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lesson #1

A Leadership Mindset

There are so many ideas out there on being a great leader.  People have sliced it up in so many different ways, it can be confusing.

In this lesson we talk about the two universal ingredients you need to be a good leader.  We’ll also discuss why your inner voice is working against you and how you can keep it focused.

Plus the workbook has a 6-Day comprehensive exercise to help you create your personal belief system around your leadership style.

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lesson #2

The 4C’s of Leadership

This video provides a bit of a lay of the land of what’s to come. We’ll cover the overall definition for leadership and how we will bring that to life throughout the rest of the program.
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lesson #3

A Courageous Mindset

Courage is the mechanics of your leadership style. The quality of your leadership style is defined by how courageous you are.

In this section, we share three leadership skill-sets that create a more courageous leadership style and mindset.

The accompanying exercises will help you define your personal framework for being a courageous leader.

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Lesson #4

Open-Hearted Communication

Open-hearted means communicating in a way that’s exposed and vulnerable (open) and with compassion (hearted).  With that in mind, we focus on communicating with the intention of helping others vs. helping ourselves via three leadership skill-sets.

The workbook will help you define your personal framework for becoming and open-hearted communicator with your team.

Here are the links mentioned in the video + workbook:

Giving and Getting Effective Feedback

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lesson #5

Collaborative Solutions

Creating a truly collaborative environment takes focus on your part. Leaders create the ideal conditions where collaboration can exist, regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the organization.

In this lesson, we’ll walk through two skill-sets required to create collaborative solutions.

Here are the links mentioned in the video + workbook:

What is a RACI Chart

The Self Reset Model

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lesson #6

Consistent Character

People need to trust they can count on your moral and mental character.  Being clear on what that is will allow you to show up consistently.

In this lesson, we cover two more leadership skill-sets and help you define your own framework for success.

Here are the links mentioned in the video and the workbook:

Personal Brand Plan

Identify Your Values

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lesson #7

Practicing Leadership

Now that you’ve built your ideal leadership framework across all the leadership skill-sets, it’s time to summarize and prioritize.  You get to choose which skill-set to focus on first.

I recommend focusing on one skill set at a time for at least a month so the new behaviours can start to sink in.

This section has it’s own workbook to give you a month’s worth of exercises per skill set. And remember to come for coaching classes to get any support you need.

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