the foundation

Identifying Your Values

You’re values guide your life decisions whether you know it or not. They also impact how connected you are to what you’re doing day to day.  This values assessment will dig deep into what you value today and help you decide what you choose to value moving forward.

lesson #1

Welcome to Your Values

We’ll give a quick overview of this detailed values assessment and what you’ll be doing to identify what your values are today and what you want them to be.

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lesson #2

Why Values Matter

This is a good question.  Why do you care about your values? That’s the question we answer and with lots of examples.

You’ll start to identify your long list of values and be prompted on how to narrow your list based on how you live your life today.

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lesson #3

Sorting The Givers and The Takers

You’ve never thought about your values like this before. This lesson is going to help you sort out how your current values are impacting your life, and if you still want them to impact your life in the same way in the future.  In the end, you’ll be narrowing down your values to your top list to help you focus on the future.

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