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Discover Your Real Strengths

If you think you already know what your strengths are, think again.  If you’re someone who is unsure of what you want from your career, and you’re not sure what your passion is or what you can offer a potential employer, then this module is for you.

lesson #1

An Introduction to Strengths

The idea of needing a passion is over-rated, my friends. In this module, you’re going to learn why reconnecting with your strengths is the key to getting clarity on what you love doing.

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lesson #2

What is a Strength?

Let’s talk about strengths and weaknesses a little bit.  In this lesson, we talk about an alternative definition of strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll learn how to suss-out what makes you feel weak and what makes you feel strong.

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lesson #3

Strengths Assessments

There are so many assessments out there, and they all have something to offer. In this lesson, I’ll go through the top three assessments that most people have done, the pros and cons of assessments, and how you can use assessments as a helpful data point as you get informed about what you love doing.

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lesson #4

Maximizing Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses

Isn’t it amazing to understand what makes you feel strong? It’s so empowering to really focus on it.  Strengths are not about how good you are, they’re about how good you FEEL when you’re do something.

In this lesson, you’ll focus on which strengths you want to maximize, which weaknesses you want to reframe, and which weaknesses you just need to stop worrying about.

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