Suggested Learning Paths

Choose Your Adventure

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  That’s why we created suggested learning paths. These paths suggest a sequence of modules targeted to specific goals.

At 15 min/day, each of these paths will take a couple of months at a minimum. But you can go at your own pace.  Give yourself time. You’re training for the marathon, not a sprint.  Remember, small steps and improvements executed consistently.

If you’re still stuck or don’t see your goal, then reach out by sending a message to Ask a Coach or book a class so we can discuss it.

My recommendation is not to get stuck on the decision.  All the work you do here will be of value to you.  So dig in and get started!

P.S. We’ll be adding more to this list as new modules are launched.  We’ll let you know when we make changes.


If you want to learn how to reset how you think about your career.

success mindset

Condition Your Mind For Success

It’s time to take back control and get your mind working for you.


If you want to figure out the best next career move for you.

get clear on your direction

Know What You Want

Stop drifting from one shiny object to the next.  Get clear on what would make your next career move the ideal one for you.


If you want to create a career plan that’s running on full steam.


Build A High-Functioning Career Plan

Now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to build a plan to get you there.


If you want to be the leader that everyone wants to work with.

leadership mindset

Leadership Training

Before you start acting like a leader, you need to learn to think like one. Learn to think your way through the 4Cs of leadership; Courage, Communication, Collaboration and Character.