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In hindsight, I would have greatly benefited from coaching when I was in corporate. The idea of it is a little intimidating. Especially in a group setting. What if someone thinks I’m stupid? Or pathetic? Or judges me?

Let me ask you this… are you going to not benefit from the help you deserve because you’re worried about what people think about you? People you probably don’t even know?

Every time I’ve participated in a group session someone will inevitably say to me “I have the same problem, but was afraid to ask”. 100% of the time.

That’s the brilliance of group coaching.  Not only do you get the support you need, but you’re helping others in the process. You don’t have to let fear of judgment stand in the way of getting the support you need.  This is a safe zone. Judgers are not tolerated 😉

Sign up here.  Coaching is live every week at 5:00pm Eastern Time. You must register to get access. 

Now I know some of you will officially ‘be at work’ at this time.  But this IS part of your career.  Schedule it in your calendar and take advantage of the opportunity.  Don’t tell yourself you CAN’T make it work. Ask yourself HOW can you make it work.