Take control of all your work relationships and make them work for you.


Relationships are one of the biggest influencers on your success and you have the power to make all of them work for you.  In this lesson, we explore all facets of relationships at work, how to build them, nurture them and enjoy them.

There is one workbook for this entire section. The workbook is designed to use all the insights in this section to explore one relationship at a time. 

You may re-use the workbook for as many relationships as you like. 

This is a powerful exercise with the goal of resetting all your relationships and learning to manage them so you can be successful faster!




Relationships go a long way towards your success.  In my opinion, they are equal to, if not more important, than the actual work you do.   In this lesson, you’ll explore what relationships are in general, the ingredients of a great relationship and how to manage your own expectations of relationships with something I refer to as your relationship rulebook. 



Why are we talking about love in a career program? Because whether you notice it or not, it comes up a lot.

People want to love their jobs or love what they’re doing.  It’s a mix of worthiness and enjoyment.  In this lesson, you’ll explore the emotion of love in the context of your career,  so by the end of this lesson you can create it for yourself vs. waiting around for it to show up.



People-pleasing is a way of avoiding setting a boundary.  And setting boundaries is a way to stop people-pleasing. In this lesson, you’ll explore why you people please, what it looks like and how it gets in your way. And then we talk boundaries, where people go wrong and how to set them properly.

The intention is to give you the tools to avoid resentment and take care of your own needs in your relationships.