Welcome to the Program

Experiencing a ‘bad boss’ situation is tough on you, your career, your life and everyone in it. But turning this situation around is completely within your power. 

In this video, I share my worst boss story and how I totally blew it.  And I’ll go through the elements of the program in detail.

Remember to download the workbook which will take you through all the exercises in just 15 min/day!

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lesson #1

Take Your Power Back

Your boss has no power over you.  I know this is a hard thing to believe, but I’ll prove it to you.

In this lesson, we go through the principles of THE SELF-RESET MODEL in relationship to your boss.  Even if you know the model and you’ve seen me present it before, this is worth watching again. 

Not only will I go through the model, but we will run some specific boss scenarios to demonstrate the power of the model to change your experience with your boss.

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lesson #2

Own The Relationship

In this lesson, I’ll share the three main types of thoughts you’re having that are contributing to your relationship with your boss.  And I’ll show you how you can change the relationship you have with your boss without your boss having to even know you’re doing it.  You have all the power, my friend.

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lesson #3

Recognize Your Boss’s Role

This is the first of two big mistakes that most people make in their boss relationship.  They don’t recognize the role of their boss.

In this lesson we’ll review the benefits of working with your boss vs. against them.

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Lesson #4

Stop Expecting Your Boss To Be A Good Leader

Most bosses aren’t good leaders.  So why are you expecting them to be perfect? 

In this lesson we’ll review why most bosses aren’t good leaders, and how you can still leverage every boss you have to maximize your growth.

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lesson #5

Create A New Belief System

We bring everything together in this lesson.  All the work you’ve done to date is creating new thoughts regarding how you think bout bosses.  Now you’re going to take all these beliefs and create a brand new belief system that’s going to keep you on track with all future decisions you make about your boss.

This is a great tool!! (That’s MY thought!)

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