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Create Your Strategic Support Network

the foundation

Create Your Strategic Support Network

Building a successful career take a village.  In this lesson you’re going to curate your own little village of supporters.  You’ll learn the key elements of a well-rounded support network, and start to align your supporters with your goals.

lesson #1

Make Your Support Network Strategic

You probably already have people who you call on for support. But how strategic is your network? How well is your support network aligned with your career goals?  In this lesson, we’ll introduce the ideal of a Strategic Support Network.

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lesson #2

Components of a
Well-Rounded Support Network

This is a detailed lesson. We’ll review each of the 5 components of a strategic support network, the benefits of each role and how you can use them to your benefit.

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lesson #3

Build Your Asset

Time to put pen to paper and plan out your support network. We go through a couple of ways you can go about this, and how to constrain your focus and start small.

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