Leverage these bonus programs to help activate your career plan

After you finish creating your career plan,  you can choose one of these self-study programs to help advance your plan. Bonus courses contain videos and workbooks and are designed to not only teach you what to do, but how to stay mentally and emotionally focused to do it!

Experiencing a ‘bad boss’ situation is tough on you, your career, your life and everyone in it. But turning this situation around is completely within your power. Learn to turn your ‘bad boss’ into the ‘best boss’ for you.

Productivity is about mindset, with a little bit of process on the side. You’ll learn to become intentional about getting your work done, let go of perfectionism and fight through resistance to achieve your goals.

The giving and receiving of feedback is something we deal with every day.  So it makes sense to learn to do it effectively so you can maximize your own growth, and inspire the growth of your team and the people you work with.

This Leadership module is designed to help you define your personal leadership style.  These lessons will give you insight and perspective on what a strong leadership mindset looks like across four main leadership categories.

Build a powerful resume in just 8 hours and 4 simple steps. 

  • Even if you don’t have a resume right now or haven’t written one in years
  • Even if you have no idea how to position your skillset for the job
  • Even if the idea of writing a resume and selling yourself makes you nervous

Building a successful career takes a village.  In this mini-training, you’re going to curate your own little village of supporters. 

You’ll learn the key elements of a well-rounded support network, and start to align your supporters with your goals.