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Private coaching helps you see why you’re stuck, and then get out of your way.

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Do You Want Some 1-1 Time?

1-1 time was always the best. It was my favourite part of the day when I would either meet with my boss 1-1 or someone on my team. In my mind, that’s always when we did the most important work. We would have the conversations that would move projects forward, solve problems, make decisions or just connect and help each other feel better.

We would have conversations with the purpose of moving forward.  And that’s always a great energy.

And that’s why you’re here, right?  To move forward? To grow? To make your career (and your life) a fulfilling place where you can reach your potential?

Look, having a career and working with people is not for the faint of heart. It takes work and a lot of mind management to be successful. I honestly think it’s easier to train to run a marathon than it is to manage the thoughts swimming around in your head.

It’s not easy to do… but once you get it, you’re not running anymore… you’re flying!

what do you want?

What’s the right solution for you?

You have two options for private coaching;



Ad hoc sessions work best when you’ve been coming to weekly group coaching and want to work with me so we can dig deeper on a specific issue, .e.g., you’re prepping for a big meeting and want to get your mind sorted out, you want to ask for something and you’re nervous about the best way to do it, you’re having a tough conversation with someone on your team… etc.

You can book your ad-hoc 1-1 session here for $197 per session.

However, if you simply want to discuss if 1-1 coaching is right for you, then don’t spend the money on an ad-hoc session.  You can book a free consult here.  We won’t be coaching.  Instead, we’ll discuss if 1-1 coaching is a good move for you.



This is the best solution for you if you have a chronic block or problem you’re trying to solve and you’re not getting traction, e.g. the relationship with your boss, your self-confidence, a leadership behaviour, don’t know what you want from your career, etc.

This is also a good solution for you if you just want someone to help you make the most of this program from start to finish.

This is when you need a little more concentrated attention and focus. We’ll need to break down some current belief systems and build some new ones.

6-session packages are $1,100 US, and you can sign up here.